So almost 2 months ago, I made a massive shift at the age of 35.  It wasn’t easy, and my decision was made with careful thought and consideration.  In the end, I did what I felt was the best for the wellbeing of my family (myself included).  A real “tipping point” in my decision was change.  Change is necessary, and change is an inevitable part of Life.  If you don’t change, you will never grow, and you will always stay the same.  Staying the same isn’t acceptable to me.  It was time for a change.  It was also time to tackle a goal of mine that I’ve had for the past 5 years, which is to lose the rest of my “baby weight” from when I was pregnant with my son, feel better, and really get healthy from the inside out.  Before, if I said I was dieting, I wasn’t really working out, so it was time to get it right.

So what have I done exactly?  First, I have gone in a different direction with my Entrepreneurial pursuits in Network Marketing and partnered with a Company called Modere.  What is Modere?  Modere is a lifestyle brand of products that embodies the campaign of “Live Clean”.  What is “Live Clean”?  Exactly as it sounds.  Modere’s products are completely safe, 100% chemical free products of which include skincare, laundry soap, body soap, hair products, men’s personal care products, toothpaste, mouthwash, health & wellness supplements, nutritional products, etc.

Who doesn’t want to be healthy?!  I wasn’t unhealthy by any means but I know I was tired of waking up in the Morning and feeling sluggish and like I was running out of energy when it came to keeping up with my kids.  My family is the most important thing in this world to me and more than knowing that my kids deserved a healthy and energetic Mom who felt good and could keep up with them, I knew I deserved to be a healthy Mom, Wife, Nurse Practitioner, and Entrepreneur for myself.

Once again, it’s been a little over 4 weeks, and I feel sooo good.  I work out 5 times a week regularly, I have incorporated Protein Shakes into my life 2-3 days a week, I have been using Modere’s Burn, Carb Blocker, and Fiber Supplement products, Modere’s Liquid Biocell, and have been following the Mediterranean Diet.

Have I lost weight?  I have, but for me it isn’t about that. I wanted to feel good, and I do.  I feel good.  I wish I had made these changes 5 years ago.

There are so many different systems out there and if you’re looking to feel better and get into better shape, then I highly encourage you to do your homework.  Ask around.  See what works for other people.  That’s what I did!







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