Seven years ago I would have sat down to compose a personal biography only after spending countless weeks, days, and hours preparing to WOW my audience with different credentials, accolades, earned awards, or successful internship/job experiences.  I would have obsessed over my content, making sure it was very evident that I had clearly put in my dues in the academic arena and earned a very prestigious degree and professional career.  You see, seven years ago my foundation was grounded and driven by societal expectations and the need to meet those expectations no matter what the cost!  I wanted to make a statement, be the smartest, tackle the toughest career, and definitely turn heads when they saw what I did with my life.  There was a deep sense of pressure that pushed me to my limits, striving for excellence in all that I set out to accomplish.

I start with the above because you must understand that seven years ago I defined myself only on my career advances and what society would term as “successful”.  Now I define myself as an exceptional, dope, bomb……Mother, Wife, Clinician, Leader, and Entrepreneur!

Simply put, my goal is to build massive opportunities, experiences, and abundance for my family and as many other families as humanly possible!  This is my passion, my vision, and my time to create it!